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The Smart IHU Live portal offers online and historic data, disaggregation statistics and metrics based on measurements of various sensors deployed at the IHU building and Data Center. All sensor data are gathered by the aWESoME Web Service middleware while energy and Data center efficiency metrics are calculated by the portal. Some of those sensors are:

  • Sensor Boards which form a ZigBee wireless sensor network and measure environmental parameters i.e. Temperature, Humidity and Luminance. Currently a sensor board is deployed at the SciTech office.
  • Smart Clampers which are able to measure and transmit large-scale power consumption, over RF. Two clampers measure the builging's power supply and one is attached to the Data Center
  • Smart Plug ZigBee sensors measure individual electrical appliances
  • Z-Wave wireless sensors measure air concentration level of CO2

The menu on the left provides all functions which are listed below.

Building A

Shows higher-level total Building consumption disaggregation.

Per School

Shows appliance consumption distribution in IHU Schools and offices.

Selecting a single School or Office presents power disaggregation in appliance types such as PCs, Lights, Copiers and Heating/Cooling devices. Therefore staff and students can be aware of their impact on energy consumption and take actions to reduce it.

Per School Savings

The application shows a comparison of weekly energy savings per School and ofice, which provides incentive and motivation to occupants to save energy.


In order to assess possible energy waste, the application provides to metrics in graph form.

The Cooling/Heating to Temperature graph shows energy spent in Cooling or Heating (according to season), temperature measured outside of the building and their ratio. In winter months, the higher the ratio, the larger the energy waste while the opposite holds for summer months, as energy is spent in a naturally already warm/cool surrounding.

Similarly, the Lighting to Luminance graph shows energy spent on Lighting, luminance levels as measured outside of the building and their ratio. A higher ratio shows a larger energy waste, as energy is spent for an already bright surrounding.