About Us

Our strategic mission is to develop teaching programmes and relevant research of excellence that addresses the technological needs of our society and more specifically the regional needs of SE Europe. In doing so, we provide students with the knowledge and skills to secure a successful career in today's highly competitive job market.

The target of the R&D sector at International Hellenic University (IHU) is to support education and research over multidisciplinary activities. The School of Science and Technology of IHU commenced two research projects focusing on the above-mentioned targets.


Virtual Labs

The Virtual Labs project commenced on March 2010 and was completed on November 2010. The project aimed at creating virtual platforms based on sophisticated algorithms to support education activitie in the areas of Knowledge Management, Decision Support Systems and Data Mining, Multimedia Medical Imaging and Remote Sensing and Wireless Communications-Sensor Networks.

The Virtual Labs are open-source and can be used by anyone! It will be greatly appreciated, if you could provide reference to this website when using material from this project. By doing so, you are supporting  the effort behind creating the virtual labs by the School’s staff and you may encourage possible extension of current work. For more information, click here


Smart IHU

The Smart IHU project started on January 2010 and will last for two years. The  project focuses on the deployment of heterogeneous wireless sensor networks within the University building that monitor  energy consumption and environmental parameters real-time in order to provide an automated management information system to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability. The heterogeneous sensor networks are integrated on a common platform based on a middleware-web services. For more information click here

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