Two modes are provided: user (all-in-one bundle) and developer (stand-alone sub-packages) installation.

User's Installation

In order to install the virtual laboratories on wireless communications and sensor networks, you need to download the following files:

  1. The executable installer (a single, 150MB, Windows® .exe file).
  2. The installation notes (a 3-page PDF file. Please have a PDF-viewer available).

The above installer file contains ALL virtual laboratories and documentations.

Following the instructions contained in the installation notes, execute the installer and install the application at a location on your hard disk (.e.g. INSTALL_DIR). Then execute MATLAB® and change the current working directory to INSTALL_DIR, and issue "install" (without the quotes) at the MATLAB© command prompt.

The application is then reachable through the MATLAB® start menu and help system. Alternatively, you may start the application by issuing "vlabsselectgui" at the MATLAB© command prompt.

This concludes the user installation.

Developer's Installation

The virtual laboratory as a whole is provided as open-source software, seeking to promote the educational process of every institution or individual that is active in the field of Wireless Communications. In light of this statement, every application that is included in this virtual laboratory is also provided as a separate, standalone unit. This deployment targets the developer: some technical expertise is required in order to install and modify these packages. This is in contrast with the "User's Installation" bundle (given at the top of this page) which targets user-friendliness.

Use the following links to download the self-extracting executable that corresponds to the application that interests you. Installation notes are included in the accompanying documentation.

  • VLAB1: Antennas and propagation (.exe) (.pdf)
  • VLAB2: Fading processes (.exe) (.pdf)
  • VLAB3: Field Measurements (.exe) (.pdf)
  • VLAB4: Topology Control in WSN (.exe) (.pdf)
  • VLAB5: Routing in WSN (.exe) (.pdf)
  • VLAB6: Setting up a DVB-T network I  (40 Transmitters, 400 Towns) (.exe) (.pdf)
  • VLAB7: Setting up a DVB-T network II (13 Transmitters, Free Rx selection) (.exe) (.pdf)
  • VLAB8: Indoors network planning (.exe) (.pdf)

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