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Remote Sensing Virtual Lab

Under "Remote Sensing" Virtual Lab, interactive exercises through a Graphical User Interface (GUI) are implemented. One can study the following topic:

  1. PAN-Sharpening
  • Download the Matlab software and documentation here (16MB, .rar)
  • Download only the Matlab software here (6MB, .rar)



 “PanSharpening” is the process of merging a high-resolution panchromatic (PAN) satellite image and lower resolution multispectral (MS) satellite imagery to create a single high resolution color image.  Google Maps for example uses this technique to increase image quality. In satellite imagery there are two types of images:

  1. Panchromatic image PAN: A gray-scale image of high resolution, collected in the broad visual spectral range.
  2. Multispectral images MS: Images acquired in more than one spectral interval. Each individual image is of the same physical area and scale but corresponds to a different spectral band. Usually, we have three images that correspond to the three channels R, G, B of a color image and often an additional night InfraRed (IR) channel. The MS images have a lower resolution that the PAN image (two to four times lower).

The objective of Pansharpening is to fuse the information of the PAN image with the information of the MS image to produce a high-resolution color image.


Using the developed GUI, you will be able to try several PanSharpening algorithms, including:

  1. RGB to HIS,
  2. Principal Component Analysis (PCA)-based,
  3. Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT)-based approaches.

You will also be able to evaluate the PanSharpening results using a variety of metrics, including:

  1. ERGAS and
  2. Q4.



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